Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life Journey

Life is like a mountain. When born you are at the base. The journey of life is complete when you reach the top. So you begin to climb. You go up a path, after you ascend several feet up, there are several paths to choose from. There are no wrong paths to choose from, we simply take the one we like. You pick one and keep going. After a few more feet there are several more paths to choose from, more decisions to make. From time to time, as you make your journey, you will fall or stumble to your knees, but you get up, brush off your knees and continue up the mountain. The interesting part is despite all the different trails you took and saw along the way when you look down you only see one path, the one you chose, the one that had happiness, sadness, obsticles that you went through and kept going, the one that made you the person that you are.